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Sugar - why having your cake and eating it is not good for your skin!



As I was learning traditional Japanese beauty secrets from my mother in law, sugar came up in the conversation.  She was told by her parents that sugary foods causes rough skin.....what, no cake?!! 

We know that too much sugar is bad for your health - obesity and diabetes being huge health issues across the globe. We also know that sugar is bad for your teeth - tooth decay and fillings, ouch! Your skin though.......have you thought about the effect sugar has on this?

Premature ageing, rough skin and wrinkles can all be caused by too much sugar. It can also make skin conditions like acne and rosacea worse! 

An article by Huffington Post explains it perfectly:

"Eating lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white rice, bread and pasta, raises the level of blood sugar in the body. This results in sugar molecules bonding to proteins, including collagen in the skin — a process known as glycation.

This in turn produces a chemical reaction in the skin, that makes its surface more stiff and inflexible, leading to premature ageing, making skin tougher and more wrinkled.

Glycation is damage to the skin from the inside due to the consumption of excess sugar, resulting in wrinkles, line and discolouration. The skin can become saggier, as both collagen and elastin are damaged."

My first thought when reading this article is that white rice is a staple in the Japanese diet. However, they have moderate sized portions with a well balanced diet overall. Also, and this is the most important part - "once a protein can be glycated, it can be repaired." The article suggests ways to protect your skin from from sugar-induced ageing and guess what one of those suggestions is.....GREEN TEA!  "A cup or two of green tea each day can be a powerful skin protector that stimulates collagen production."

Ladies, if you are not drinking green tea everyday, I humbly suggest you do!

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If you are looking to improve your skin, take a look at how much sugar is in your diet. I think we are more aware of what is in our food nowadays but if you actually look at what you eat everyday, you may be surprised! 

Check out the nutrition labels when you are next buying food. Low fat foods tend to be high in sugar so watch out for that - (see note below on documentary to watch about this).

Not to say never enjoy the sweet indulgences of life, just enjoy them in moderation!

Hearing that my mother in law was warned about the effects of sugar on her skin as a child, shows that Japanese teach a healthy mindset early on in life which leads to youthful skin and long life!

Look forward to sharing more about Japanese beauty and health with you.

Much love,

Maxine xx

ps - an eye opening film called "That Sugar Film" gives you a real insight into sugar and what it does to your health. Filmmaker Damon Gameau documented the effects of eating supposedly healthy foods that contain high amounts of sugar. Worth a watch!