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Okinawa Clay

We are all about the Japanese beauty secrets here at Green Tea Goddess and our next product will not disappoint. A clay all the way from the island of Okinawa - Kucha Clay.

Kucha Clay is very is found at the bottom of the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa, Japan). These locations are said to contain ancient sea mud that has been lifted up to the surface of the land. Women of the islands have used Okinawan Clay since the ancient days of the Ryukyu kingdom and it is used in 5 star hotels in Okinawa as a luxury beauty package. Now you can experience this at home! (Click here to shop now if you simply cannot wait to get to the bottom of this blog!). 

Rich in minerals and super fine, you'll find Kucha Clay is smoother than other clays. To give you an idea, Matcha is 5-10 microns and Kucha Clay is 0.01-0.05 microns or less! This means, Kucha Clay can travel deeper into pores and remove more dirt and impurities.Washing it off - it is so gentle! Other clays can dry in and feel rough washing off but not Kucha Clay!  

It is suitable for all skin types too. Suffering from rosacea personally, anything I bring in to the product range will be suitable for us sensitive skin gals. Kucha Clay can be used every day without stripping its natural oils while at the same time being extremely effective in detoxifying the skin.

I sent out a sample to the beautiful @30_something_beauty_addict and this was her review:

"I’m honored to be testing the Okinawan Clay mask from the wonderful @green_tea_goddess
You’ll see in my previous posts the love I have for this brand and their Green Tea brightening masks - just look out for the green faced selfies.
The Okinawan Clay mask is direct from Japan. It’s a natural clay/mud mask that comes from specific parts of Okinawa, in Japan. I’m talking the good stuff.
The benefits of this mask is that it dives into pores, to get rid of all the bad stuff like impurities, acne causing oils, dead cells etc. It also includes shell ginger plant (collagen grass), which is a collagen rich ingredient. The shell ginger plant is again from Okinawa. It’s known for its ability to fight the big stuff like acne, fight the signs of ageing. It’s also a stress relief due to its smell"

Have you tried Kucha Clay? Would love to hear your experiences! If you haven't tried this special clay, fear not - click here to get yours now!

We will bring you the best quality ingredients from Japan but not with the huge price tag. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best!

Look out for more new exciting products coming this year - it's really exciting!!

Much love,

Maxine x